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Scrap my car

How can I sell my scrap car?

In an ideal world, it would be easy to exchange an old car for a new one. Regardless of the situation, the dealer will accept any vehicle and offer you a discount. Third-party buyers will line up, competing to pay more than your asking price. Unfortunately, the reality may be more complicated.

Dealers usually refuse to buy cars in poor condition, claiming that they will lose money for buying your car. Third-party buyers are usually cautious about imperfect vehicles and fear being blackmailed or buying lemons. Mainly if you have an accident or other major damage, it may be difficult to recover any money for your vehicle.

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Scrap car service

You may think that you have no choice but to drive your car to the junkyard and recover a few poor dollars for your troubles. Or, you might try to sell your cars one by one, only to be frustrated that the process without professional equipment is so complicated. However, there is another option: sell your car to WreckSellCar!

Did you know?

You don’t have to go through weeks of hard work trying to sell your wrecked, damaged or damaged items through dealers, recycling bins or classified ads.

If you have a used or old car, you can sell it to WreckSellCar quickly and easily! We buy any car nationwide.

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Through our "car for cash" program, everyone wins! You will get rid of that used car, you will have cash in your pocket, and we will get the vehicle that we will use for parts or recycling.

Disadvantages of selling cars to scrapyards

Scrapped cars are sometimes your only option, especially if you have recently had an accident, or your vehicle needs to be repaired at a cost that exceeds its value (i.e. gearbox failure). If you find yourself in this position (if you are reading this article, you may be), don't settle for the nearest scrapyard offer. Scrapyards offers many different prices for your vehicle, and you must understand the value of your car before you bring it in.

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Many times, you cannot get the full value of car parts from the car scrap yard. Sometimes, the scrapyard will only provide a few hundred dollars to buy a complete vehicle that still has a large number of high-quality intact parts. Some scrapyards will not look for the entire car; they may just want to rescue its metal. Check the price of a scrapyard near you to compare how much you can get.

In addition, the junkyard cannot come to you. If your garbage truck has been sitting in your yard weeding, it will most likely stay there unless you pay to tow it away. Subtract the price of that trailer from the quotation from the scrapyard, and your vehicle return will be lower. Because the estimate is based on the value of scrap that your car will generate.

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Can I Sell My Car’s Parts Piece by Piece?

Selling your car’s parts may sound like a simple solution. You might be thinking that if you play your cards right, you can make a profit on every valuable part of your car. Technically, you would be right—there is a market for car parts in good condition out there. But for the average person, dismantling a car for its parts isn’t very simple. You’ll need quite a few professional tools to do the job, not to mention the labour, space, customers and time to do so.

Even if you have everything required to dismantle your vehicle bit by bit, you probably don’t have a way to dispose of harmful chemicals that your car parts might release. Air conditioners, batteries, and other essential car components all have materials that can’t be taken out with the weekly garbage.